Thursday, November 25, 2010


The GIVERS band formed in Lafayette, Louisiana with Kirby Campbell on the drums and singing, Taylor Guarisco singing and playing guitar, Will Henderson on the keyboard, saxaphone, flute and singing, Tiffany "Teddey" Lamson singing, playing guitar, ukulele, and percussion, and Josh LeBlanc on the bass and trumpet. Quite the quintet, "specializes in sounds that gather together melodically and electronically bent forms of surf rock, beach rock, and other sunny forms of rock, but send them underwater, where the tunes are refracted with light and space, and where songs sometimes scrape against their rock-encrusted musical seabed."

The question that often is overlooked is "What do the Givers give?" They take hearts, they take time, they take care, they take naps, they STEAL attention, but what do they give? The light sound of their feel-good indie music beckons the listeners' minds out into the open, much as a dream catcher above one's bed. Then it's understood: the Givers give dreams. "Their music is not only music: it is motivation, inspiration, and celebration of the world around us. To experience it is to be changed forever, for the better; to know that you yourself have more to Give," as one listener states it.

Givers was the local openers for the Dirty Projectors one year at Chelsea's in Baton Rouge. The Projectors hadn't heard them before that night but were impressed enough to ask them to join them on their next tour through the South and the East Coast. It is unclear if Givers got their name from the Lucky Dragons song, but their music is packed with that sort of psychedelic buoyancy, homegrown exoticism, and rattling optimism and joy. Anyone who is a listener of the Dirty Projectors, Vampire Weekend, or any music that has a similar sound, should check out the Givers self released album:

GIVERS (2009)
1. Up, Up, Up
2. Meantime
3. Ceiling of Plankton
4. Saw You First
5. Up, Up, Up (Remix)

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